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November 05, 2016

A Lyrical Complaint

Come gather ‘round people, wherever you be

And look up from yer smart phones and listen to me

There’s a change that’s a-comin’ like a storm on thesea

For the daylight, they say, is worth savin’

So a quarter to two might be a quarter to three

For the time it is a-changin’

Come you bald-headed people and those with dreadlocks

Yes, and you who wear Prada or sandals with socks

And put down all yer weapons, yer sticks and yerrocks

For it’s high time you finally gave in

Yes, give up yer resistance and reset yer clocks

For the time it is a-changin’

The deed’s long been done for the bill’s long been passed

So don’t look like you’re stunned and don’t standthere aghast

What ya thought was the future might just be the past

But there’s no use in rantin’ and ravin’

For the Law it has spoken and it will not be sassed

And the time it is a-changin’

If ya have an appointment, ya might better wait

If ya show up too early, ya might be too late

So ya better stay home ‘til ya get it all straight

For the Chicken of Time is free rangin’

And she scrambles her eggs in the Skillet of Fate

When the time it is a-changin’

Now I hope you’ve been listenin’ to all that I’vesaid

And that you still remember when you go to bed

To set yer clocks back or to set ‘em ahead

I can’t tell ya which way to be aimin’

If it isn’t the one, do the other instead

For the time it is a-changin’

And if to the gallows you eagerly climb

All because you’ve committed some horrible crime

Just to get out of changin’ yer clocks all the time

You should know that there is no escapin’

For Eternity runs on Daylight Saving Time

And the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime… it is…


copyright Bryan Hendrix 2016
Apologies to Mr. Dylan