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March 25, 2009


So today, I was sitting here on the computer, just dilly-dallying away... and my sister was sitting on the couch behind me ( we do alot of sitting) and she ramdonly says

" Hey Kadra! You wanna know what I just realized?  I just realized that after all the movies, there will be no more Harry Potter to look forward to watching on the big screen,& after the books, no more after that.'

I wanted to laugh. I want to cry. I wanted to tell her to invest in the golden compass which is really quite a good begining to a confusing trilogy. But instead. Instead I just looked at her, smiled and said.
"You! You really are my sister. If there was any doubt in my mind that you were an alien planing to take over the world, but first had to inforce your reign of terror and torture over me, which crosses my mind quite often, It has vanished just now. Now hopes and dreams of frolicking in a meadow and reading amazing tales about herioc dogs are in its place. Thank You.."

So if you want to know if your siblings are real and not some aliens from Texas, just ask them what they think about harry potter.

 Oh,& if your siblings really are aliens from Texas, you've got bigger fish to fry, and why your reading my blog is news to me.