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June 04, 2015

The Entourage-A-Thon is 50 hours of live streaming Entourage viewing. Watch Gil Ozeri and friends power through the entire Entourage TV series, with special guests and a surprise finale ending.



Their experiment will last the entire weekend. It will carry them to highest highs and the lowest lows, and there are no guarantees they’ll make it out alive. Hug it out and join the conversation above.

Day 1, 3:00 PM - Kickoff with MUSYCA Children’s Choir


I wanna be your superhero.

The MUSYCA Children’s Choir kicked off this crazy experiment with an awesome rendition of Jane’s Addiction’s “Superhero,” a song that beats in every Entourage-iac’s heart. Gil, John Gemberling, and Adam Pally are getting into Episode 1 now. Let’s get down to business: Gil’s rules are below.

  • Gil cannot look away for more than 30 seconds at any time.
  • Gil cannot take breaks, except for the bathroom.
  • Gil can’t use his phone at all.
  • Gil has just one longer break he can use strategically at any time.

Day 1, 4:00 PM - Strong dudes passing thru


Strong dude party happening outside ATM.

The guys have been coming up with some great rules to keep track of. Right now, we’re keeping a tally of:

  • Every time E is wrong.
  • Every time there is a straight line walk to camera.
  • Every celebrity cameo.
  • Every time two women are talking without dudes featured / not about dudes (Bechdel Test).
  • Every time the guys drink tap water.
  • Every time Vince drinks a sugar product out of a box.
  • Every time Drama cooks breakfast.
  • Every time there is a shot of a cake.
  • Every time someone covers for Vince.
  • Every time E is victorious.
  • Every time a dog hates women.
  • Every time a woman appears nude.
  • Every time a man appears nude.
  • Every time Vinnie wears a shirt with a bird on it.
  • Every time the group turns around at the same time.

Let us know if you guys have ideas for new rules! Chat the guys through the Livestream!

Day 1, 5:00 PM - Real turtle & Joe Mande


This turtle is wearing a Yankee’s hat, te lo juro.

Joe Mande is joining in for the start of episode four! Rad! Also joining is a turtle wearing a Yankee’s hat, which is exactly the kind of hat actor Jerry Ferrara wears when he portrays turtle. It’s eery. Where did the turtle come from?

Day 1, 6:45 PM - Friend overload!


This is screen-grab from “Gil and Friends,” a new morning show in development on The CW.

Tons of homies rolling through RN. Eugene Cordero, Wendy Molyneux, and Megan Neuringer. The #Entourageathon is turning into the coolest comedy event of the summer, possibly of the year. The gang is finishing out Season 1 as we speak. Yahoo!

Day 1, 8:00 PM - Jack McBrayer comes bearing gifts

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.02.11 PM.png

Above: the consummate guest.

Jack McBrayer came for a visit and, since he is a true gentleman, brought gifts: specifically, coconut water and bananas. What a guy! The hits keep coming as the gang delves deep into Season 2 of Entourage.

Day 1, 11:05 PM - This party is blowing up!


Entourage is a hugely popular show bound to draw many guests.

Michelle Collins! Emily Strachan! Zack Pearlman! Jake Fogelnest! And two actresses who appeared on Entourage! It’s not hard to imagine Vinnie Chase and E themselves showing up at a party of this caliber!

Day 1, 11:13 PM - Steve Agee and Mark Wahlberg’s birthday


Happy Birthday, Mark!

It’s Mark Wahlberg’s birthday, so friend Steve Agee came by with a cake to celebrate it right! If you’re not eating cake right now in honor of Mark Wahlberg, you are a traitor to Entourage! Leave the country, ASAP!

Day 2, 12:00 AM - Ben Rodgers and more Wahlberg birthday songs


Hope the birthday is still going great, Mark!

Ben Rodgers arrived just in time to wish Wahlberg a happy birthday before the clock struck midnight! Shelby Fero is also kicking it! Nearing the end of Season 2!

Day 2, 12:48 AM - Buy a piece of Entourage-athon history, for charity!

Gil Shirt.jpg

You could be the proud owner of this shirt.

Gil’s “I am Queens Boulevarb” shirt has been posted to eBay, and all proceeds will go to ‘Save The Children: Emergency Response.’ Own a piece of livestream history! Bid today, right here!

Day 2, 1:00 AM - 9:00 AM - Nighttime wildness

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.23.05 AM.png

Borrowing a tip from Vinnie Chase’s book of awesome party methods, I’m sure.

Last night was crazy and the image above sums it up in a nutshell. Gil is holding up pretty well but the Entourage-athon is starting to take its toll. A bird flew through here, weirdly, and it pooped on the camera.

Day 2, 10:30 AM - Good morning with Scott Aukerman and John Levenstein


Gil welcome his new guests with a traditional broomdance.

Comedy legends Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!) and John Levenstein (Kroll Show, Arrested Development) are here to join in on the fun. Some interesting discussions of the Entourage movie, which, according to Scott, isn’t worthy of being called a piece of shit. That’s a hot barb!

Day 2, 12:00 PM - Living the Entourage lifestyle with Kate Spencer and Allan McLeod


This is the only way to watch this TV show.

Nothing like watching Entourage right in front of an infinity pool overlooking Hollywood. This is important.

12:32 PM - Gabe Delahaye!


Comparing Entourage to Girls: just another day in the life of these dudes!

Gabe Delahaye stopped by for some Entourage and good conversation!

1:00 PM - Dog party with Anthony King, Nick Kroll, and Lesley Arfin


Woofie Chase and Johnny Dogbone.

This place is turning into a real dog party, and the calming energy of the pooches is energizing Gil and co. to power through more Entourage.

2:00 PM - D'arcy Carden, Pete Holmes, and Curtis Gwinn


Also featuring: yard homies.

This is an endless parade of comedy heroes. Are they coming out to hang with Gil? Or are they drawn by the Entourage? Truly impossible to say.

2:35 PM - Our two favorite GIFs from @TheGreggiest

Follow GIF hero Greggy right here for more.

Day 2, 5:33 PM - Emily Strachan, Brian Huskey, Jonah Ray, Jensen Karp, Kelly Hudson, Dan Klein, and the homies


Homie City, Population: Entourage.

Friends keep rolling through. Always laughing, always enjoying the exploits of Vinnie Chase,E, Turtle, and of course, Drama.

Day 2, 6:30 PM - Mindy Kaling and Tracey Wigfield


Two comedy juggernauts drop by Camp Entourage.

If these walls could laugh, they would laugh so hard the city of Los Angeles would split in two along the San Adreas Fault (see San Andreas in theaters this summer starring Rock).

9:22 PM, Day 2 - Pam Murphy, Jason Berger, and Gil narrates Entourage


If you missed this, you should go back and watch it.

Gil narrating Entourage with headphones on was definitely one of the highlights of this livestream, IMHO.

10:37 PM - Middleditch’s entrance and Fero’s return


Middleditch’s face here is rad.

Thomas Middleditch and Shelby Fero showed up for the Entourage-athon. Now they are also Queens Boulevard, just like the rest of the gang.

11:17 PM - T-minus 15 minutes to party time


This place is chock full of the best comedians in this city. Dope.

We’re gonna get a little party going here in a sec! So many people here!

12:04 AM, Day 3 - Guest directors on the 1’s and 2’s


Fogelnest on the 1’s and 2’s.


Appel on the 1’s and 2’s.

1 AM - 11 AM Day 3, Insanity

This was some of the craziest stuff from the whole livestream. You gotta go back and check it out.

12:10 PM - Brett Gelman, Seth Morris, Steve Agee, Andy Secunda and the final four eps


This crew is here to see us through to the bitter end.

1:03 PM - Dave Holmes, Amber Lancaster, Brandon Johnson, Jensen Karp, and the final two eps


These guys are gonna send Gil off into the sunset right.

1:40 PM, Day 3 - Going over the stats before the last episode


A lot of important data here, which we will send to a university after this to study.

Gil and co. collected a lot of important Entourage data over the course of the show on these whiteboards.

1:53 PM - Gil gets wet and watches the final ep


A soaking wet Gil listens to Paul Scheer list every cameo from Entourage: The Movie.

Almost done, everybody!

2:30 PM, Day 3 - Mission Accomplished


Dream big, live bigger. Go see Aloha this weekend in 3D.

Gil and friends did it. They watched every episode of Entourage. And after all that, to be honest, they weren’t really in the right mood to see the movie. So it’s off to Cameron Crowe’s Aloha they go! Thanks for joining us, go see Aloha ASAP!