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March 29, 2010


So, I was horrified this morning when I read about the two suicide bombings in Moscow.  I wrote a mini blog asking people to just PLEASE stop blowing each other up which I later amended to state that rather than blowing up relatively innocent (nobody in this world is completely innocent), people going to and from work, that they blow up jails/prisons.  My thinking is that if they really want to blow up themselves and random others they should increase the odds of taking out pedophiles, rapists and murderers by blowing up a jail instead of a subway system.
Well, I'm rethinking that also as I understand all to well what makes any bureaucracy  bombable.  For example : I have been trying to make arrangements for Kelly's day camp in the summer and I called the school where they host the program, but they, themselves, don't run the program and I was instructed to call the principal at her home school to get the info.  I called him and left a voice mail.  I get a call two days later saying that the VP knows about the program, but is in meetings all day and will get back to me...that was Thursday.  So, Friday I get a note home in my daughters book that gives the name of the day camp and the phone number for the fucking school.  1) Why she thinks that I'm so stupid that I wouldn't call the school, especially since my daughter went there last year OBVIOUSLY I ALREADY HAVE THE FUCKING NUMBER!!!  2)Stop passing the buck, BITCHES!   
So, my peace loving "stop bombing one another" is sort of shifting.
And, another thing about that, I hear these terrifying stories about how suicide bombers get forced to do it by people who target their families and say that they'll rape, kill, torture the family if they DON'T carry out the suicide bomb and here's my take on that :They are going to do these horrible things anyway.  If they think they are too important to die in their own Jihad, and they have the means to make bombs, murder and terrorize, they are going to do it anyway.  I say, strap yourself up and go bomb their fucking family or at least get as close as you can to send a message that it's just NEVER a good idea to give someone a bomb. 
Thoughts ?