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September 06, 2008


Watching the RNC on TV, St. Paul Minnesota looks like a strange alien planet. Outside for the first night you had protest on the streets; which the cops broke up with mild tear-gas according to a reporter from CNN.


300 hundred people arrested on the first night in which nothing happens inside.   Under to the illusion of caring for the devastated people on the Gulf Coast because of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Gustav.


As I'm writing this post or short story John McCain is on TV using his war story as a club against Obama. You've through a lot of shit; but it's not a perquisite for being president of the United States of America. If you were to become the leader of the free world by doing a job interview; this whining bitchy tone of John McCain like he's entitled to be a president. I'm sick of is weird chipmunk left cheek cause he's always chewing tobacco. That's not very presidential. It's cool if he was a manager of a baseball team. I'm  just saying I never remember a president going," My fellow American", and stop and hock a black tar shit lugie of chewing tobacco. Last night, we had Meet the Palin and they played the lamest pop country song ever made, 'Raisin' McCain'.


They ended their creep fest of a convention with the lame-ass "Raisin' McCain" followed by Sarah Palin's so-called theme song, Heart's Barracuda. After last night's speech perhaps her new theme song should be the Rolling Stones' Bitch.


The words of the Barry Maguire’s song On the Eve of Destruction rings true when I hear the speakers of Republican Party sqwacks.The audience seems like the same kind of people back in 1933 in Germany. Hanging out at the Bavarian Beer Garden willing to go along with Hitler cause he was buying the beer. History tells us that's where Hitler got rid of all and any of his competitors.


In some of my other posts where I goof about the Anti-Christ and I showed a YouTube clip about McCain being the Anti-Christ. I got a little creeped out when the film that was shown before McCain said, "It was written in the stars for John McCain to be president." In the book of Revelations they talk about things "written in the stars" like the Dragon or the Beast. I still think just like I said about Britney Spears allegedly claiming she was the Anti-Christ. I thought the Anti-Christ was supposed to be smart and charming. John McCain compared Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. He's blind, deaf and dumb. I just heard Karl Rove’s protégé Steve Schmidt is running McCain's campaign. I hope the fix ain't in like the last eight years!



Now, I'm not comparing McCain to Hitler. That’s Madonna’s shtick. Hitler had a strange of charisma. McCain don't. Rudy Poodee Giuliani came out like a Hitlerish hate breeding fearful warmongering demagogue who’s a definite candidate for the All American Anti-Christ.


After Barack Obama's speech of the DNC, which if he don't become president; he should get a tele-evangelist show on Sunday morning and rack up some money. Barack's family came on stage and it resembles a '70's sitcom with the goofy white neighbors, The Bidens, walking through the door. I swear I almost was hear "Movin' On Up", the Jeffersons' theme song.


The Palin could a reality show called "Palin by Comparison" as Piper Palin spits in her hands and slicking baby Trig's head. George Carlin, my comedian hero once said,"Ever notice that most women who are against abortion; are women you wouldn't fuck anyway?!?”I would fuck Sarah Palin and never ever have a fucking thing to with her, again. Hump and Dump. I would never eat her out in fear of some belligerent rug rats come shooting out her womb like brats in a water slide shute!



Hey, Rush Limbaugh likes her, you just know something's wrong with her. She’s a jigsaw puzzle with some of the pieces missing. As I see her take over John McCain's campaign she comes off more his case worker or his child explaining why this doddering old fart should be president. He should be playing Bingo instead running for president.




On, second thought, I probably wouldn’t fuck Sarah Palin. As if I would ever get the opportunity. Maybe, she’s the Antichrist and not Miley Cyrus’ lil’ Hannah Montana from the ninth circle of Hell. Sarah is an extremist whose only qualification of being the VP is that she put the state’s jet on E-Bay. WELL, HELL BELLS AND shit fire!!I bought shit on E-bay so make me governor of Alaska!


And, people need to lay off of Diddy saying that ain’t no black people in Alaska. First, it’s cold up there. Everybody’s all bundled up. You can’t what color anybody is! Second, I believe he meant that there’s no big black majorities in states like Alaska. That a honky bitch like Sarah Palin can’t relate to the problems of black people. Neither can McCain. He’s from Arizona. There’s a drought of black people in this state. And, they might be scared of the white trash rednecks in this state. Shit, they frightened me! I rode out Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans!


Remember this was one of the last states to make Martin Luther King’s Birthday an official holiday. And, I do believe John McCain had something to do with that.


Next week, the Independent National Convention will start. And, I bet that not much TV coverage will be given. That's a damn shame because I don't believe the two party system works anymore. I recently became a democrat because I wanted my vote to be counted. I might vote for Obama because he's the lesser of two evils and we all deserve better than that. Corporate America will never allow that and that's really running the show; no matter which puppet they put up to distract us.