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August 21, 2012

In the third installment of the web series "Life of Jim", Jim finds himself on the verge of being rich....and burning the hell out of his mouth.

You can catch the other two stories here. Also, they will be posted every Tuesday on the site as well. Hope you enjoy!



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Standing in his lonesome apartment Jim pulls out his pant pockets producing only lint and a couple waded up dollar bills. Starving for something to eat he makes his way to the gas station around the corner to cash in his $3 for a box of freezer burned pizza rolls. He craved a McDouble but had no way of getting to those precious golden arches.

Making his way into the run down store, Jim becomes even more depressed. “Ugh. I need to get the hell out of this town”, he sighs to himself. Passing by the out-of-order soda machine and the clearance milk he sees his dinner. As expected it is covered in a layer of month, maybe year, old frost.

Not even bothering to look at the expiration date he grabs the box and makes his way to the counter. Before he can get there he overhears a young couple talking. “I would buy a new car!” said the women. “I would buy season tickets to all my favorite teams!” exclaimed the man.

Jim knew right away that they were talking about what they would do if they won the lottery. “Good Luck”, said Jim as he passed by the couple. “$1.99”, said the cashier. “I see you have $3. Want a lottery ticket?” he asked. “The jackpot is $25 million!” he added.

The lack of a nearby McDonald's still fresh in his head, Jim knew this was the best way to spend his last lowly buck. “Sure. When is the drawing?” he asked. “Tonight”, said the man. Since his choices of late haven’t been great Jim decided to let the machine pick the numbers. Handed a ticket with 5-18-20-08-13 and 25 Jim thanked the man and made his way home.

Before leaving the store Jim, still having some janitor in him, picked up a crumbled piece of paper littering the exit; “Ugh, as if the place isn’t a big enough shit hole as is”, he said frustrated. No garbage around, he stuck both the scrap of trash and the lottery ticket in his front pocket.

Adjusting the rabbit ears on his TV, Jim is able to get channel 5 to somewhat come in. Too lazy to fight the static he leaves the channel as is and makes his way to the microwave for his dinner. Lottery ticket out on the table and pizza rolls on the plate, he awaits his faith.

As the numbers start coming, it isn’t looking good. “Your first number is 12”, said the perfectly dressed man. “Second number is 7”, he says. Angry, Jim grabs an overheated pizza roll and jams it into his mouth. “Fuck!” he yells. “That shit is hot!” Pissed, he rips up the ticket and tosses it.

Emptying his pockets of the trash from earlier, he notices that it wasn’t trash at all. Rather it was a lottery ticket. “Hmm, they must have dropped this”, said Jim of the young couple. “I wonder what numbers they have”, he thought aloud. 7…12....

The End