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August 21, 2008


Lots going on in SJP land this weekend.

Will shoot 4 episodes of Footastic Theater with a crew. That's my brand new comedy video series. Funnebone wrote 2 episodes. We'll shoot in three locations (4 if you count the shower scene) with 8-10 actors including extras. A real DP is on board and everything. Shall be interesting to see if this concept goes over well. I hope that we at least have fun. Everybody seems so serious. I'll fix that. We have 3 producers on some of these, which should keep it lively. It was easy to get people excited about working on it, which is a good sign I guess.

Today I record an audio interview for FunnynotSlutty.com with our very own Stephanie Scott of The Retributioners. And I'm going to start on an interview with the September featured artist, Nicole Terry. Nicole did those Buckwheat's Sister and Three Faces videos you see here and on youtube. Nicole is most fascinating and will be a great interview.

I'm recovering just in time to get moving on everything. Came very close to some unbelievably amazing job opportunities this week, but NOT QUITE. Add to it that I came close to starting a serious relationship with the Real Hottie Soldier the week before but NOT QUITE, and I've felt like I was punched in the face. But onward and upward...I hope...