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October 26, 2011

The lost transcripts of the adventures of Tom Selleck and his trusty side-kick John.

Journal Log: Day 47. We’ve crash landed deep in the heart of this uncharted jungle. It is a strange and savage land; yet stunning and exotic. But I fear this place holds a dark secret. A secret that does not want to be uncovered.

We came here to seek the lost temple of Umghala. He was a tribesman of the Dhasheeky clan. A great warrior who soon became an evil warlord. He raped and pillaged his people, treating himself like a God among men. Towards the end of his life, he erected a huge temple in his honor, and legend has it, that inside that temple somewhere lies a jewel of unmentionable wealth. 

However, Mr. Selleck insisted on grilling his steaks on the instrument panel, soon causing the circuitry to cut out. We crashed and have no idea how to get to the temple. Our water supply is running dangerously low and I fear the effects of this place have already begun to affect us.


Mr. Selleck has grown delusional. He distrusts this place, our mission, me, and even himself. I fear he is losing his grip on reality. The lack of daily porterhouse steaks, that normally quell his murderous rage, I believe is the cause for this paranoia. But more observation needs to take place.

Mr. Selleck remains silent most of the day, sulking as we continue to trek onward. However, I can see his mind working constantly, plotting, and scheming. For what? I do not know. I can only hope it isn’t to murder me in my sleep and cook my body as food.

When he does speak, it’s only in explosive outbursts. He doesn’t so much speak as communicate in tongues to the heavens. The only words I have been able to discern are, ‘prophecy…prophecy…need to fulfill the prophecy’.


I will continue to keep a close eye on him and monitor his progress as the days wear on. My only hope is that we find the temple and the jewel quickly before he goes completely insane and kills me.