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January 27, 2012

Liam Neeson is a professional actor who does what it takes to make his characters realistic.

"The Grey" hits theaters this weekend. We got a chance to sit down with the film's star, Liam Neeson, who was gracious enough to shed light on how he prepares for roles and the work that must be done to make his characters authentic. 

Hollywood Ham: Thanks Liam for joining us today. We're been big fans. Ever since Rob Roy actually. 
Liam Neeson: Fantastic. 
HH: So let's get started. Everyone wants to know about your new movie, The Grey. It's such a unique role. How does one even prepare for this?
LN: Simple. I had a helicopter drop me off in the Alaskan wilderness for three weeks. 
HH: Such dedication. 
LN: But that wasn't enough. When I got back, I needed more. I needed to feel what my character felt. 
HH: You're a pro.
LN: So to really prepare for The Grey, I murdered 27 wolves. 
HH: What?
LN: Also four foxes that I thought were wolves. 
HH: How is that even possible? 
LN: And one sled dog. I regret the incident. 
HH: Ummmmm
LN: But to be fair, a sled dog had stolen my daughter and sold her into an international sex ring. 
HH: So you killed a dog as retaliation?
LN: So to speak. 
HH: What about the people who bought her and prostituted her? Did you kill them?
LN: Yes, the movie Taken was actually just my home video. I didn't know why my wife was recording at the time, but the fact is she was, and I'm forever grateful.
HH: You killed quite a bit of the Albanian mafia in that film, nevermind the Arab sheiks. Any concern about blowback from them?
LN: It's called Taken 2, and it's out next winter.