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November 11, 2008


Who hates Prop 8? I do. I think it's outlandish to exclude grown people who are capable of driving cars, consuming alcohol and very capable of earning livings and paying TAXES, to exclude them from choosing and marrying who they see fit to be their life partner is such a violation of basic rights. Today is Rememberence Day here in Canada, and it's the day we take a moment to think about the people who came before us who took the fight to the fight in order to ensure freedom and a quality of life for generations to come. These people paid the ultimate price because they believed in our right to be a free people and supported a world effort to ensure democracy and peace for all people and it's a disservice to everyone who ever made that sacrifice to treat ANYONE as a second class citizen because we may not agree with a sense of social order. It's none of our business frankly. Anyone who thinks that heterosexual marriage is the backbone of the "nuclear" family needs to get their head out of their ass and look around and maybe ask themselves what the term "family" means to them. Ask themselves why the divorce rate is pretty much 50/50 and ask themselves what makes them so perfect that they get to decide for someone else what the extent of their commitment to loving another person gets to be. Here's a few heterosexual names I submit to you : Mickey Rourke. Mike Tyson. Paul Bernardo. Rod Stewart. All of these people have the right to get married, re-marry until their heart is content and their right is put ahead of thoughtful and reasonable people like Ellen Degeneres, Melissa Ethridge and Rosie O'Donnell. The idea that Ivana Trump is getting married again, Elizabeth Taylor married eight times, Britney Spears and K Fed snacked on fried chicken and wore matching pimps'n'hos track suits...why is this right afforded to them time and time again and other people, because they are gay, are just shit out of luck? If gay people sharing in that joy and also the responsibility of being married somehow confounds a system that is already 50% faulty..??? Does it? Does it really? So, fuck off supporters of prop 8 and be thankful that you get to condescend your misinformed and closed minded drivel for hopefully what will be the last time. It is much easier to wear slippers than it is to carpet the world.