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August 14, 2008


Here's some posts that originally appeared on my live journal misanthrope65 blog but i guess i want more people to read them so here we go.

12:54 pm - Morgan freeman crashed his car eheyeeheyeo
I was going to state my case on who's a better higher power between Morgan Freeman versus Samuel L.Jackson.Morgan Freeman actually played God twice,has perfect diction and in his film appears very fatherly.But,this car could be his Chappaquiddick or just divine intervention showing toward Samuel L.Jackson.



01:20 pm - I don't mean to alude to drunk driving....
When i wrote the post of this car accident being his Chappaquiddick I don't mean to imply any drunken driving charges.I meant that he couldn't be a divine higher power if he flip over in a car accident and goes to the hospital in serious condition.More to come.

01:27 pm - Morgan freeman's divinity cheated death

Maybe,there is some cause for the case of Morgan Freeman being a Higher power.He only got a broken arm or something like that.John McCain could be the Anti-Christ or at least an agent of evil bring Moses(Charleston Heston) back to life by satanic powers of praying over his NRA membership card.Here's a picture of another American Anti-Christ Miley Cryus.This boots are made for walking over your lost souls.

Sorry,I don't know all the facts but I got to say that's sounds cold blooded.The man and my possible candidate for my personal Higher power is stuck in the hospital with a broken arm,shoulder injuries and etc.Shoulder injuries sometimes never really heal.I'm speaking from personal experience.I popped my ac joint leading the collar bone to the shoulder blade back in 1992 and I still can't lift my left arm above my head without extreme pain.Just another case in point why Morgan freeman should be mine higher power.I believe in god but i refuse to get sucked into the cult aspects of AA.Sorry my god gave me a brain to use.Samuel L.Jackson is still in the running for my AA higher power. Lately,I wrapped up exposing the world to Miley Cyrus being the Antichrist.Arnold Schwarzenegger I now believe to be one of her evil minions like Paris Hilton,the Jonas brothers,late Walt Disney and his Acky-Breaky heartthrob demonic dad on earth.But,we all should know who Miley's a real dad and it got nothing to do with big daddy Jesus.My god,it makes christ like his Miley's pimp!And,what the fuck kinda name is Miley?As far as I know there ain't many jewish pimps around.Don't tell that to a Palestinian. Christ was jewish before he gave it for lent.More about Miley's the reign as the antichrist to come.