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September 19, 2009


Okay, y'all remember the douche who got married and uploaded the pics of his pathetic backyard bonanza wedding (it wasn't even interesting enough to have BBQ), on MY birthday??? WELL! It seems I am not the only person who's been slighted by this fool as he has become Captain Non-Comunicabo with mutual friends for quite some time, even before he blew me off and they'd all like to participate in a community F U!! So, my idea is to send an awesome card wishing him All the Best! I'm going to sign it with something that reads like this "WOW! Having you get married on my birthday was so swell! It was almost as good as an invitation! PS My cake was BETTER!!" Or something to that affect. Anyway, the tricky part is that I don't have a literal address, HOWEVER, I do have the address of someone else and could send it "c/o", my only concern is that that is kind of creepy. What do y'all think??