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September 21, 2015

A rat carrying pizza in New York is on it's way to being as popular as Taylor Swift.

A new video courtesy of Matt Little is quickly making its way around the internet. In the 14-second clip, a NYC subway rat attempts to carry a slice of pizza down a flight of stairs. That’s it! Because that’s all it needs to be. Rumor has it the rat is now being discussed as an early Oscar favorite. Don’t believe me just watch!

LINK IN BIO - Master Splinter headed off to feed #TMNT

A video posted by Matt Little (@mattlittle) on

Now whenever a video gets as popular as Pizza Rat, folks looking for both attention and clicks will try to capitalize on the video’s trending success by spitting out quick-response content that repackages the viral content into new even viral-ier content.

But as we scoured the web looking for the best new Pizza Rat content, we were shocked to find out that Ryan Adams hadn’t yet created any Pizza Rat content. Adams, of course, just released his own version of Taylor Swift’s 1989 and is a big fan of taking great things and somehow making them about him, so you just know he wants in on this REAL BAD.

Fortunately, it looks like someone had a few extra seconds to spare and owed Ryan a favor or something, because the video below is nothing if not both Ryan Adams and Pizza Rat–related.