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Published October 20, 2012
HALLOWEEN RULES We live in a time that people really cant be giving out candy for free. So I came up with some rules for people to save money this Halloween. 1. No home made costumes: Sorry but if you cant go out and buy a real ghost costume from Rite-Aid then why should I give out candy I got from Rite-Aid? You would not like for me to give your kids home made m&m's right? 2. Only 3 of the same pop culture costumes: Sorry but I only have enough candy for the first 3 Jerry Sandusky costumes this year. 3. I have to know what you are: If I have to guess more then once then you are not worth my time. If I have to ask "What are you suppose to be" your answer will be "someone who did not get candy from you" 4. NO OBAMA! NO MITT!: Please do us all a favor leave your point of views at your house. 5. Dont ask what type of candy I got: I hope you love Swedish fish cause I got a overstock of them 6. The Middle: Halloween falls on a Wednesday so if you want candy DO NOT COME WHILE THE MIDDLE IS ON. I dont want to miss a second of that show. I love that guy from Scrubs and his milf wife. You know that bitch from Everyone loves Raymond 7. Kept it new: Please no Joker or Bin Laden costumes. The shock value is gone people........(hot tip: Amanda Todd costumes are in) 8. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: Do not come to my house to steal my fucking candy you fucking little fucks   LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE: JOSHUA'S POINT OF VIEW FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @TODAJETS