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July 24, 2014

As a man, can talking less make women more attracted to you?

Talk Less and Get More Sex
By King Christopher

Talking can end a relationship before it even has a chance to begin. Of course conversation can’t be avoided but you can avoid certain things, so that you don’t end up talking a woman out of dating you instead. This dangers of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time isn’t just limited to dating. It can effect marriages, and your image in the workplace just as easy. So when is the best time to keep your mouth shut? And how does it effect sex?

FirstDate: Meeting someone new is exciting and it’s easy to be interested in anything they say. Get her to do most of the talking, then do your best to keep it that way! Avoid the topic of sex at all cost. The only exception to this rule is when she brings it up first.

Work: In the workplace, all it takes is some fickle woman to make a huge deal out of any kind of sexual innuendo or joke. This is much more damaging for men since he’ll most likely be known as a pervert along with being fired.

Bedroom: If your going to bed with a woman try not to get too carried away with talking dirty. You don’t want to talk to her like it’s a porno movie.Women have the ability to get offended even during sex.

Texting: The problem with text messages is they’re very easy to misinterpret what he/she is saying. Arguments can start over texing, when in real life it probably wouldn’t have happened. Keep your text messages simple!

The truth is that women in general don’t want to hear men talk at all. I have noticed how common it is to hear a married woman say “when I met my husband, he never said a word when we first dated”. Men are more focused on saying all the right things to women but a lot less is actually happening.