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June 06, 2012

Live Improv exists here in CLE, it will tear into your soul and make you feel like a kite, ready to fly!!


    When people think Improv Comedy, their brains tend to gravitate towards venues like Second City, Groundlings and abandoned subway cars in the New York. But guess what? Here on the shores of Lake Erie, we have a network of stunning, charismatic and brave group of comics that climb on stage together every week to breathe joy and laughter into a craft that is so wildly bizarre, many a folk cannot imagine how it is done, but these crazies get it done.

   It's been noted that Improv can be dated back to the 16th century or some shit, but it has been most credited to these insane cat named Del Close, who designed a lot of the structure of how improv works: scenework, eye contact, building longform, according to wikipedia his famous last words were "I'm sick of being the funniest person in the room."

   Well, there are multiple funny people in the room when this unique genre of comedy is practiced here in CLE. Much like the bigger cities, there are several troupes here in our city: Angry Ladies of Improv, Thunderlips and Submissives, Torque!, Wifey, Rockwell 9, Don’t Name the Puppy, Title tbd, Point of No Return (pnr), and more!!! (I’m sick of typing really, us comedy people get weary fast.)


     The thing I’m getting at is: These people are funny as fuck and you should stop watching television for a night and check out Cleveland’s Comedy Scene. There is no shame (ok, there is shame involved at times) in discovering live improv, right here in the CLE.

    Check out www.bigdogtheater.com or go to facebook and check out https://www.facebook.com/#!/AngryLadiesofImprov, those bitches always have improv news and you can even join a jam session if you feel like your life isn't complete, it's probably not, so give it a go!!!

   Just in case you're still questioning this: the last time I was there I played (badly) a character named Gloria, the secretary of the Underworld. I mean, come on!



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