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January 31, 2009


ok whatever.
so i have come to,  stumbled upon, jumped over, fallen down and happily fuckin frolicked down many of lives twisted paths...dirt stomping donkey riding single-track suckass piece of shit more better views then normal uphill downhill and fuck you-up sideways paths...i am however totally and in all other ways am gaydumbstumped at this point...and now i feel pretty shitless tired...tired of the struggles the constant uphill draging my feet as i go...and please do not mistake or mis-understand this pile of horse-shit above as ungreatfulness or unhappyness...i know really how very blessed i am...amen...however-the constant trip i have always chosen or atleast attempted to take or stumble across the "HIGHROAD"  SON!!!!..has exausted me to unimagineable disalusion outter-confusion and a general stick your finger up yer ass and piss the fuck-off attitude and outlook...other then that im good...and....ENJOY THE SHOW EVERYONE....GOODNITE...WOOOOO...PFF..