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December 11, 2008


USB Breathalyzer device requires .24 BAC to LOG IN to FACEDBOOK'S ONLINE PUB.  I found this new application makes it nearly impossible to communicate with others without slllururrringg.   The few women I did chat with were trying to sell me pornography or Viagra.   SMUT is the new TUMS.

      NOW that Youtube is tightening its restrictions and linking iTunes store to even my ridiculous iPot video for the Scorpion's song I included,  perhaps we have witnessed the high watermark as the tidal wave of tasteless mind-numbing vid trash finally begins receding.   Artistic restraint obviates necessity of focused intent.     This overly rich mixture of total content freedom and juvenile pornographic fixation is comparable to any other illicit new behavior or drug's "Romance Period".   If youtube is trying to "class up" their act by freely and secretively discriminating based on each individual youtube screener's taste however, a similar model can be compared:   TELEVISION.    So now that the New Frontiersmen have staked their claim and seen some Gold it's again time for the Regulators and the Legislators to dictate policy and restrict creative freedom.    Happy Holidays.