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December 10, 2008


Walking the aisle of the grocery store I saw an item that caught my eye... It was a caramel oat drizzle bar made by Fiber One... I decided to grab em and eat one while I was shopping. Then down another aisle I saw the same brand (Fiber One) with a form of Pop Tarts... Sooo thinking how obviously successful the 'bars' were I decided to grab them too.The taste of both products are very very good... However... to the folks at Fiber One... My gas has been soo loud,strong,smelly beyond belief and frequent that I have had to cancel meetings,dates, and when my friends ride with me I have the stereo up loud and the windows down. (Thank God I live in Florida!).
My question to you is 'Am I the only one experiencing this?' and 'Is the only solution to this to stop eating them??? Cause I likes em'