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March 22, 2008


so my dad sent me this awesome ufo sighting photo that can be seen here:


i picked the fox news article, because, what's funnier than fox news? (also, that was the link my father sent me)

but it's a totally cool looking ufo. it could be an interstellar traveling, information gathering satellite. or, it could be something created in a garage right here on earth. what's kind of amazing is the real story isn't the ufo, it's that the guy who took the picture has completely vanished. now, i don't really do conspiracies (that's my brother's job http://theweeklyconspiracy.blogspot.com ) but that seems a little fishy. i'm just sayin'. but back to my point...ufo's are no longer news in and of themselves. we've become so desensitized from all the hoaxes and "true story" television specials. that if an alien landed a spaceship in central park, walked out and said "people of earth, i am erglephlox from alpha centauri. we come in peace...klaatu, verata, nicto!" most of us would react with skepticism...even (possibly especially) if we were right there when it happened. for all i know i may have met a real live extra-terrestrial and been to blinded by my own jaded sense of wonder to notice.

my own little follow up discussion...

i realize if aliens DID land in central park it probably wouldn't pan out in the manner i illustrated above. first off, star trek and all the other shows based on it have nearly ruined our social imagery of what aliens look like. when we meet life from other planets (and i am certain this will happen, just not in my lifetime) i REALLY...HIGHLY...SERIOUSLY DOUBT that they will look ANYTHING like us. our bodies have developed over a fantastic period of time to be the most efficient machine on this planet...THIS PLANET! i'm quite certain the other planets are different. different levels of gases in the atmosphere. different force of gravity. different land to water ratio. it's also very possible life on other planets in NOT carbon based. (really, when it comes to life on other planets, how intelligent is it to rule anything out). so that would lead me to posit the theory that, in all likelihood, life from beyond would resemble us only their in basic reasoning skills, the fact that they have spoken/written language, and developed some form of soap.

my personal guess is that beings from another world would more closely resemble octopi than humans. their language would sound more like woodwinds than words. and, their music would be like torture. i really would love to be the first human to marry (or at least date) and extra-terrestrial, but i doubt any of the other intelligent lifeforms in this universe are very interested in us yet...i suppose that's just the years of watching star trek talking.

my music is about spaceships...and marshmellows