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August 06, 2010

Find the ruler of the universe - it's not who you expected...

The Hamburger at the End of the Universe


If you think about it the person who owned a time machine could control every great pattern in history.  All you had to do is go back in time before a big invention and pattern the idea yourself.  The sucker who shows up with the thing would have to make some kind of deal with you.  You’d be richer than Midas.  You’d in effect own history.  Bill Gates would have less money than you.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic?  Now the closest I even came to realizing this idea was a weird dream I had last year.  I did come back with some definitive information on how the universe works from that dream.  I determined that the universe is run by a giant hamburger truck.  Well it’s not exactly a hamburger truck – its more a contraption that is part hamburger and part truck.  A living machine that can talk complete with lettuce and tomatoes.  Now one thing I was sure of from the dream was that this fella was in charge of the entire cosmos.  No doubt about it.  He was the big boss, not God more like a ruler or emperor.  Not sure if he smiled at me, but he did say something though I can’t remember what.  I woke up just then.  By the way I did not see any French Fries around.