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January 11, 2016

I know that everyone has been waiting on my opinion.

Nearly a month ago the War on Stars was released. Everyone praised it, and it was loved by fans both new and old. The Force Awakens had the light sabers, the music, the crawling yellow font, everything the fans truly wanted. But still, now that all the hype has finally cooled like a pie on the window sill, it is time for me to pick out the nits that were for some reason baked into it. Seriously, who bakes nits in a pie like that?

The trailers never used the phrase “Star Wars is out of this world!”

Whenever I see a movie in space the first thing I demand is a quote about how this film is both out of this world literally and figuratively. Those play on words bring me such a laugh! I would then be reminded of the quote as I watch the movie.

Higher value for the memorabilia collected

When Rey was walking through the desert collecting parts, those weren’t just parts of ships from the original trilogy, those parts were MEMORABILIA from the original trilogy. It’s one thing that she was removing the memorabilia from the rest of the ships set, but to sell it for mere fractions is just added insult.

They forgot the music video tie-in

Remember when to tie in the Empire Strikes Back the studio released the song “Stomp!” by the Brothers Johnson which was both featured on the movie’s soundtrack as well as a music video on MTV which featured clips of the Exogorth opening its mouth? True nostalgia. It wouldn’t have hurt for Disney to uphold the tradition by having a band from Radio Disney to do something similar.

Han Solo never turned to the screen and wished me personally a Merry Christmas

It just would have been a nice way to end the movie is all.