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July 14, 2013

the Snowden cache reveals deep, deep, so deep violations of privacy


In a brazen violation of the sovereignty of longstanding allies, the cache of documents leaked by Mr. Edward Snowden revealed that the United States of America has been covertly monitoring shemales around the world. “We are outraged,” said Joseph 'The Dame Helene' Duix, leader of the Parisian Association of Upstanding LadyBoys. “Not only am I upset that I have been scrutinized by some cubicle-jockey wasting his life away in a subterranean vault in Langley, Virginia,” said Frim Thallu, a trans-gender Danish citizen living in Thailand, “I am angry because someone went through my dresser the other day, disturbing my underthings.” President Obama has not issued any statement regarding his government's hacktivities, saying only that America has every right to be curious about what goes on behind closed doors in other countries.


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