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July 29, 2011

this is a short script for funny commercial

Ad on a TV channel for MEN

AN: Do you and your girlfriend  want to take it up a notch in your bedroom? or maybe it is just You? Have you been longing for some time now for her to finally get to know you better, your feelings, your dreams, and how You taste but she refuses, especially the last thing?

( showing bunch of different guys e.g. a banker staring at computer then looking at camera and nodding his head, a trash man taking a trash, a firemen, old Chinese dude; all agreeing with AN)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

No need to worry anymore! Our professional staff in collaboration with numerous experts in this field have spent good amount of time and Money to come up with this brand new, ground breaking product to solve your problem and get you on the right on  track.

(Showing all guys exited to hear that news)

Introducing the new flavored chewing gum “Sperm- it”

With our team of engineers (showing bunch of trashy girls, too much make up, big nails.. chewing the gums, blowing big bubbles and giving and it thumbs up) we were able to developed a taste that is as close as it gets to the real stuff by only using artificial material.

AN: Now all you have to do is to offer her this gum at every opportunity and give her a time to slowly get used to the flavor. When she asks what king of gum is it, simply lie and tell her this is the newest product on the market and is designed to help her teeth, prevent cavity and has whitening effect at the same time.  Make sure you don’t have any other brand of gum available on you. (Showing a guy offering a gum after the couple left a restaurant, the girl initially is surprised by the flavor, but keeps chewing it )

To speed up the effect, just eat out on about every occasion possible. After each meal, offer her the new “Sperm-it” gum which shows you care about her and it helps the process. Of course, make sure you always have only one or last piece of gum and you give it to her. 

Your order includes 2 cases, filled with original “Sperm-it” gums, 12 pieces each,packaged in simple and plain case. All you have to do is to keep only one gum on you every time you go out on date. Having more gums available at given time could result in undesired outcome- you chewing one as well (showing some guys chewing a gum in disgust.

You should be seeing the desired results within 2-3 weeks, depending on usage. (Showing a sleeping couple in the bed in morning and a guy has a big smile on his face).

If you don’t see any effect after 3 weeks, we suggest you break up with your girlfriend immediately. Also, keep it stored in a safe place to avoid any potential risks;  such as losing a good friend. (showing bunch of guys playing poker and the host leaves the table to take a leak.  One of his friends sees the “Sperm –it” gums sitting on the kitchen table, grabs and shares themwith everyone. When the host comes back, he sees all but one guy choking, puking, spitting. Only one guy seems to really enjoy it, chewing out loud, saying “wow, these are good!”)

 This product is only available online, @ www. Spermit.com for $15.99 + S&H.


Please, keep this fantastic product for yourself and only share with other men having similar trouble as you. Under NO circumstances share this website, the idea behind this product with your girlfriend, significant other or you wife. The only time you can come clean is …….pretty much every time after the initial two weeks once this product has done its job.(Showing a joyful couple walking down the street).

Again, this product is only available online, @ www. Spermit.com for $15.99 + S&H.

You are welcome!