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Published February 11, 2009
Yes... The Truck Still has reverse. :-)Yes... Uncle Sam is making me cry.... But at least I won't be homeless :-)I need a second job... but the only things I do well (read: don't completely suck eggs at) are drink beer and write... Any ideas?Speaking of writing... I personally feel this is the best writing I've done in a long time... if not ever... But I would like some feed back... WTF!!??!!?? 259 Newsfeed items??? If anyone thinks I have the time to catch up on all of this... they are Nucking Futz!!! :-)Needless to say... if I happen to miss anyone's recent bloggage, or newest videos, please take this as a heartfelt apology... I will try to read/watch/shart myself laughing over everything... but I'm only one man-boy-pig-dork-chuckle head :-)Ok... enough rambling... I've got an arse-load of blogs to read... and Stuff. :-) - Kenny G.