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April 29, 2015

Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of CNN For Covering WHCD And Ignoring Baltimore Protests

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As I’m sure we’re all aware, this past Saturday was every smarty-pants American’s favorite night of comedy, the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Also and simultaneously, 40 miles from where the correspondent’s dinner was happening, the protests in Baltimore were raging. I personally wasn’t watching CNN but some people might have been trying to get news about this very big national news event from a cable network that has “news” (and “Cable” and “Network”!) in its name.

Those people would be be very disappointed, though, because, as Jon Stewart points out, CNN chose to basically ignore the protests in favor of wall-to-wall Correspondent’s Dinner coverage. And not only ignore the protests but, as Stewart points out, be “Incredibly aware yet simultaneously dismissive” of the situation.

In this first chunk Stewart highlights how CNN basically said: If people want news, they can go to Twitter or whatever. With a great piece at the end byDaily Show favorite Jessica Williams.

In the second chunk, Stewart goes on to razz the Correspondent’s Dinner for building up the night as a celebration for scholarship winners then just ignoring them all together during their coverage.