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Published: December 26, 2012
Description: go and get u one


A good place to meet a ho is at the grocery store, she's shopping for food, that means she likes to cook. Good ho's clean and cook, and they know when to suck a mean dick. That's the most important aspect of ho'ism.

If you let your ho off it's leash for a good solid twenty minutes, be sure to check and see where she went, you don't want her running around with the other ho's and the neighbors doing all that bull shit. You don't want them going shitting in someone's yard then you have to go clean it up. That's important in finding a good ho.

If your ho likes to drink a lot, chances are she likes to fuck a lot. No matter how much dick you give her, she's always gonna want more, and she's gonna want it to be new. Unless you can find a way to make yourself new every time you have sex, you better start lookin for a new ho, so you can be new to that new ho. And then you're back on the right track.

If your ho doesn't shave or keep up with her grooming, and she doesn't always try to look good for you, tell her she better step it up. If you go out of town and come back and all the sudden your ho smells fresh and shaven, chances are she's been ho'in.

Observe the surroundings of your ho. What type of people does she hang out with? Are there other ho's around her at all times? Does she go out with another ho all the time, just the two of them? That means they are probably out searchin for the dick. Be weary of the ho's that surround themselves with ho's.

If you meet another ho that outclasses your ho, drop your other ho for the new one. And remember to focus on the lessons you learned from the last ho. Look for clues that your ho really aint yours, she's everybody's ho, so you just gotta do your time and let the little ho fish swim back into the river to be free.

If your ho doesn't like to suck your dick, chances are she must not like your dick enough to suck it. She's probably got another dick she likes to suck instead, or maybe she's trying to disguise the ho within. If you got a good ho, she won't be ashamed of letting it all out. You want the freak within your ho, expose it.

If you're with a ho that makes more money than you, she's probably thinking in her head "man this broke motherfucker needs to step his game up." If you see any signs of her wanting you to have more money, just let her loose and stack your chips up. By the time she notices that you have a lot of money, enough for her, you won't even be able to see her cuz you are surrounded by a wall of cash.

You should see consistency with your ho. If she's doing things one day and doing something different another, there's a problem. Your ho should always remain loyal to you, and if she isn't from the beginning, she won't be in the end. Let that ho off its leash to go play.

Once you find the right ho, you can make her your wife. But don't forget who she was when you first met her, because she may change for you, but deep down within there is a ho lurking. And a wife makes a great disguise for a ho.

Go out and get you a good ho. There's tons of em out there. And to all the ho's that read this, just know I love you, and I mean no disrespect. I'm a ho myself, so I love people of my kind. I'm gonna be ho'in until i get all of the ho'in out of my system. It's that type of world, a world of ho's, and a world of money. Once you get the money, you'll get all the ho's you want. And if you never ever make a dime, that's cool too, cuz there's a ho out there for you anyway, she'll be a loyal ho, and she won't try to run away when you let her off her leash.


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