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August 20, 2015

Could there be a better headline than "Enjoy a Footlong in Jail"? Yes

Leave it to the New York Post to make the Jared Fogle situation even more slimy. The New York tabloid that once featured the headline “Headless Body in Topless Bar” is at it again today with the Fogle-inspired “Enjoy a Footlong in Jail.” Reactions to the headline seem to range from “It’s hilarious!” to “I can’t stop puking!” Could the Post have come up with something better? You be the judge as we look at the top 10 alternatives to today’s New York Post headline:

1. Rape Jokes Are Not Okay

2. Extremely Serious Situation Isn’t Funny

3. Let’s Not Make a Rape Joke Here (or Ever)

4. Children Were Hurt: No Jokes Necessary

5. Would the Parents of Abused Children Find This Funny?

6. Pretend Your Child Was Abused: Are You Laughing at the Sandwich Man Now?

7. Is This Really a Newspaper?

8. Does Anyone Actually Buy the New York Post?

9. Please Read Something Else

10. Deez Nuts For President!