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April 13, 2010


Okay...so it took them 400 some odd years to forgive Galileo for inventing the telescope, and now 40 years to forgive the Beatles for making people happy and uniting them in song...how much does this  expedient  "forgiveness" have to do with the Vatican SEEKING forgiveness as opposed to just suddenly feeling generous??  Probably  A LOT.
It's hard to sway a people nowadays.  All the old school tactics of intimidating architecture, keeping literacy from the masses (especially women), and wearing big hats just isn't cutting it any more.  The world sees the church as a group of wealthy landowners who control with boogedy-boo and pompous lack of reproach, and the hats?  Seriously?  Compensate much? The hats were made so big because bossy men are notoriously small, and they needed that extension to command subjects.  "You're just a farmer!  You're supposed to be pious and poor and you are closer to God the closer your nose is to the ground!  I need this tall hat so God can just reach down and touch me, make me a vessel to distribute guilt upon you for thinking YOU might like to wear this hat!!!"
So, Roseanne Barr went to her blog and spoke out about how just as many girls have been, well, "interrupted" by horny priests...and I think that actually gave the PR people at the Vatican an idea.  A pathetic and sad idea, but an idea none the less.
So, even though the vice pope, cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is in Chile to calm the waters whilst relocating one Father Jose Andres Aguime for impregnating at least one of the young girls he was sexually assaulting..he took time out of his busy  pedo-shuffling to make a statement to the press.  It went something like this :
"Many psychologists and psychiatrists have demonstrated that there is no relation between celibacy and pedophilia.  But many others have demonstrated (just a side note that I like how the word "demon" is clearly visible in this statement), I have been told recently, that there's a relation between homosexuality and pedophelia.  That is true.  That is the problem."
How recently was he told this?  And which "many others", a few names would be nice, have DEMONstrated this evidence??  "That is true." He states without proof. "That is the problem."
Oh really?
I don't think anyone ever stated, now I could be wrong but you see MANY OTHERS have DEMONstrated to me recently that the issue isn't celibacy relating to pedophilia, it's about the relation between meglomaniac fucktard and children they can bully and terrify with their otherwise untainted staffs. 
The insinuation that it's not about clergy, only homosexual clergy...didn't they all take the same vows?  How disgusting and how vile to try and blanket their shame by HUH? Blaming Gays? 
Are you shitting me?
"Yah, I'm here to hide away another child abuser, but the REAL PROBLEM, the REAL TRUTH is homosexuality is evil.  I was recently told this by many others who have seen it DEMONstrated.  So...you know.  Why don't we listen to some Beatles??"
Just make sure the cameras are gone before you bust out the Jesus Juice, you homophobic tool.