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July 15, 2016

Fuel can steel beams melt not.

The Death Star was destroyed twice in Star Wars. As you can see from the theories below, something doesn’t quite add up.

  • In the vacuum of space, things don’t explode like that…unless it’s a controlled demolition…
  • It was orchestrated by the Galactic Empire to justify more senseless Star Wars
  • Darth Vader and the Emperor lied about Alderaan having WMDs
  • X-Wing fuel can’t melt quadanium steel
  • Stanley Kubrick actually directed the explosion of the Death Star
  • We know the attacker had contact with Sand People shortly before becoming radicalized The Empire needs to ban them until we can figure out what’s going on
  • Seth Macfarlane was supposed to be on one of the X-Wings but drank too much Urrqal and missed his flight
  • A lot of bothans called in sick that day #justsaying
  • The second Death Star was never meant to be a weapon, but rather a solemn memorial to those killed on the first Death Star