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July 03, 2008


My bags have still not arrived. The majority of my clothes for this time of year...are in those suitcases. I have tops...but what are tops if you do not have pants. I just searched...I found two pairs of shorts that fit me in my closet. Awesome. ??They promised me my bags are due to arrive at 6:00pm. I am leaving for the lake at 6:00pm. We are delaying our departure for the sole purpose that if I go to the lake without them, I will have no make up, no brushes, no face wash, no face lotion. I wouldn't consider myself high-maintenance, but I need the things in those bags if we are to have a 4th of July party.

Tested patience It is now 6:00pm and my bags have not arrived yet. My dad hasn't come home from work yet so that buys me more time....but if they don't get her, I can officially say that I have the best luck when it comes to traveling....NOT. ??To make matters worst, my mom thinks its hysterical. She has already joked about my bags being on the front porch and every 10 minutes is like "here comes a truck." Cool mom. Have you ever heard the saying "Salt in the wound?" And when the dogs bark like they normally do when someone pulls up our driveway.....don't get me started.

Dad just got home and I have no pants on. Like I said below....all my shorts are in those dang bags. American Airlines sucks at their job. Apparently I suck at life. I will now be accepting condulcences from all those who care and accepting travel vouchers from American Airlines because the only way I will continue to travel with them is if a.) I have no other choice or b.) it is free. What is a lake if there are no swimsuits? Who knows. Looks like I'll be granola these next couple of days because I will be wearing the same things over and over. I have much animosity towards this airline and now must go find something to wear.