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Published August 10, 2012

I think it is important for me to emphasize that I have never watched a Miley Cyrus film. I've seen clips of her acting, but never have I taken the initiative to sit down and watch her work in it's entirety until last night.

LOL is a film starring Ms. Cyrus as Lola (or Lol),the hormonal teenage girl who just wants "to have the best year ever" and Demi Moore as her overprotective mother who is really just a teenager at heart.

Needless to say I was expecting greatness. If this movie were a math equation  it would look like this:
Sophie's Choice x Jane Eyre +Dream Girls - Animal House = LOL

The movie lived up to my expectations, and literally knocked my socks off. It knocked my socks off so hard that they blew through my apartment wall and landed on the street with steam lines coming off of them.

I have no interest in spoiling anything for you, because I encourage you to see it. I will say this, In the first ten minutes, Lola goes meta and adresses the audience about her walking in slow motion with her friends (according to her that is how hot girls walk), she has a bad break up with her boyfriend, she introduces the audience to her new romantic interest, and she shares a family bath.

You heard me right, there is a family bath scene at around the 10 minute mark of this movie. Speaking for all women, and families, I can say that this is the most natural way to bathe, and I actually feel uncomfortable bathing without them at this point.

Miley Cyrus delivers a performance of a lifetime. Never has an actor been so determined to project through her nose, and bear teeth upon a vacant expression for so much of a film. She's this generation's Merryl Streep with Katy Perry's make up routine. Demi Moore is also good.

LOL is a powerful film about the human spirit and what it means to an American teen in this decade. This movie had me shouting "Yes! Finally someone gets me! Someone makes a film worth watching and a film that is so relatable! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I give LOL a LMFAO out of :) (smiley face)


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