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August 18, 2008


This just happened and I am really FREAKED... I have a virtual aquarium screensaver, had this thing for years. It has five nice little phish in it, swaying little plants, nice bubbles and a soothing sound.I Sit around doin a doobie and the whole little scene really relaxes me.


Im sitting here watching my little phish world until one of my fish ( I have decided to name him Phill, Phill the virtual Phish) started to spas out.He was jerking around, swimming around frantically and the others were dodgeing him and swimming to the edges of the aquarium. All of a sudden he shot to the top of theĀ  tank (this is a full screen effect) and he was flopping, rolling around on his back...when all of a sudden he kinda exploded. Blood spewed forth from his mouth, gills and anus...The blood started to spread through the tank, Phill rolled over on his back, twiched a couple of times and slowly sank to the bottom.

The other fish swam over, pecked at him a couple times and then the blood went away and the whole thing went back to normal... Except Phill was still laying on the floor of the tank.

OK NOW...was this a trojan horse joke that the designers built in, What. It was horrible to watch, but I couldnt take my eyes away. ARE MY OTHER PHISH GONNA DIE SOMETIME IN THE FUTURE. Im thinking about taking the dam thing off the disk, but I kinda have this morbid curiosity as to what might happen next...

If you have experienced something like this, or know whats going on with this program, please let me know... Im thinking my laptop is haunted.