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October 14, 2014

Fans Stunned After Rapper Kanye West Walks Off Stage

Popular rapper Kanye West was seen exiting an LA club last night after he abruptly stopped his performance because someone reportedly sneezed during one of his song’s intros. One witness said: “I just cannot believe he would do such a thing, completely out of character” Kanye, usually a soft-spoken and drama-free artist sparked a lot of criticism on social media sites like twitter when he walked off stage after only performing for 3.2 seconds. When asked for comment, Kanye just repeated the words “Best Ever” 5 times before being whisked away by his security guards. Still no answers to why an artist with no known history of disappointing his fans would do something like this. Kanye reportedly won’t be performing anymore shows until the individual apologizes for interrupting him with the sneeze.