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October 30, 2015

If this isn't an example of structural gender inequality, I will never bring up my Women's Studies minor again.

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This is a visual aid for my argument.

I don’t really like to talk about myself, but people have been known to call me “chill”and “laid-back.” It’s pretty hard for me to befriend girls. I’m more of a“guy’s girl.” When I hang out with all my boys, I like to drink beer. On any typical night, you can catch me with MAH BOYS just tossing one back. Although I have like one good girl friend, I still am a huge huge feminist. Everyone makes fun of me for being “so feministy” and being “a feminist” and aligning myself with “feminist” politics and stuff, but what can I say? As the girl whom guys choose to hang out with, it’s my responsibility to educate them and the world around me. When we are drinking our brewskies, my friends bring around the beer as produced by Flying Dog Brewery of Fredrick.Some of their beers include the Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA and Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout.

Um,excuse me? Is this the significant year of backward gender politics or something? Raging bitch? Pearl necklace? A “bitch” is what I, and only I, can call my one good girl friend. A “pearl necklace” is a gift my dad gives to my mom on their anniversary. I spit-balled a couple new beer names for the Flying Dog Brewery of Fredrick that I think my one good girl friend and I can relate to. They are as follows:

· I Love Abortions and Weddings Belgian-Style IPA

· I Won’t Blow You if You Drink the Raging Bitch Brew Brew

· No,No, I Was Busy Too Lager

· The Sex Act That is Enjoyed By All Parties Amber

Those are some ideas on how to address the structural gender inequalities within the beer industry. This is the issue of our generation. If we all share our stories on media platforms of how we’ve been individually affected by the beer industry’s ignorance, then I’m sure we can make the world better for our entire sisterhood of females. And by “entire,” I mean mostly white, middle and upper class sisterhood of females.

Gotta go catch a football game with some dudes!