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December 03, 2009


So, it has been said that "the most dangerous food is wedding cake", and while Thurber may be correct in that assertion I would like to point out that the wedding cake should not be dangerous looking.  My lovely new pic is that of a certain someone's nasty wedding cake and the thing is...I just couldn't resist. LOL  I have been in a cycle of purging as I have come to terms with the reality/bottom line, agree that I am better off, and I went into my files today specifially to erase my photo files (the ones uploaded on my birthday, as you'll recall).  And, before beginning to delete, I challenged myself to look at the pictures without bias and truthfully ascertain if this was/wasn't the worst wedding ever.  I have decided that it was.  Nothing about it was redeemable from the neighbors trampoline or neighbours camper visible to the bride's favorite photo of herself standing in front of some parked cars...the lonely balloon sagging by the washed out fence (again with the neighbor's camper in the background), the indoor furniture outside, the lack of simple gardening done by the undecorated fence, the water bottle next to the bride as they SAT on a bench holding hands sharing their "vows"...the twelve people who can barely pretend to be happy to be their and the Pub "reception"...I bet his parents not only had to pay domesticate flight rates just to get to this a-hem "event", but they probably paid for their own pub meals after as well. (Pub reception eh?  One beer ticket, unlimitted nachos and a roll of arcade tokens anyone?).  Just terrible.  So...I deleted all of them but the cake, because as you can plainly see, it TAKES the cake. LOL A friend of hers made it, and another friend made the exciting "bouquet"...there was no matron of honor or bridesmaids and my friend always laughs and says "Love makes you do crazy things", and I'm thinking "Crazy like a fox!"  They spent NOTHING and put in NO EFFORT and got to put a "wedding" in the can and he has her thinking that it was a great day.  LOL  That's fine.  When this picture stops making me laugh, I'll take it down. :P