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August 01, 2012

The newly named Snoop Lion says he's going to go "Circle of Life" on Justin Bieber.

The newly named Snoop Lion claims his new moniker is not to sell more albums, but to "thin the herd."

"You seen these young fools out there right now?" Snoop Lion told paparazzi. " One Direction, Justin Bieber! The music industry is a jungle and I'm about to go "Circle of Life" up in this biznitch. I'm gonna eat Bieber up."

As Disney's The Lion King reveals, when Snoop Lion says "Circle of Life," he means he's going to eat the weak so the strong can survive.

But Bieber, who was reached for comment while getting a facial at Burke Williams Spa, says he's ready for the impending attack.

""I'm not afraid of Snoop Lion. Everybody knows that a Lion would never attack an elephant." Earlier in the day, Bieber announced his girlfriend Selena Gomez is changing her name to Selena Elephant."

"If Lion wants a piece of me," said Bieber, "he'll have to go through the Elephant first."