Conservative talk-radio host Erick Erickson showed his disapproval of The New York Times front-page editorial on “The Gun Epidemic” calling for reform by posting an image to Twitter of the front page of the print edition of the paper, apparently riddled with gun shots:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.54.15 PM.png

To show our support for Erick Erickson’s brave stance, we shot up the article, too! Except we didn’t have a print edition like he did. Do you have a subscription, Erickson? Or did you have to go buy it? In any case, we just pulled up the article on our Lenovo laptop and shot it right through the screen. Take that,!


Prove how strongly you support gun rights and show your solidarity with Erickson by taking a photo of your shot-up computer, tablet, or smartphone and post it in the comments!