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March 15, 2017

Top six reasons that Kellyanne Conway gets bullied by the media. By King Christopher

6 Reasons Kellyanne Conway Gets Bullied

By King Christopher

When Hillary Clinton finally gave her concession speech she made sure to remind women that they are both “powerful and beautiful”. She must have been talking about Kellyanne Conway. But even though Kellyanne fits Hillary’s profile, extreme feminists and the media don’t seem to be too happy that a woman now holds a top position in the WH. So here are the top six reasons that Kellyanne Conway gets bullied by the media and critics.

1. Not a Man Hater: To satisfy extreme feminists, they want a woman who puts down men and blames them in some way for women’s problems.

2. Fashion: She wears the pants without wearing the pants.Even though she’s a power woman, she doesn’t wear her hair short and dress like she’s one of the men.

3. Anger: Extreme feminists don’t want to accept a woman who isn’t pissed off about women’s issues, trying to convince other women that they’re oppressed by men.

4. Normality: Modern feminists view having kids, being a housewife/home maker demeaning and now consider it an insult to women everywhere.

5. She Won: Winning a presidential campaign against another woman doesn’t help Kellyanne since woman are so catty.

6: Work Ethic: Most women in politics or powerful positions are usually more concerned about vacation time than the job. Since Kellyanne works long hours, this makes the lazy, angry feminists look bad.

To sum things up, Kellyanne Conway doesn’t get much credit but instead, has become a target because she’s not a pissed off, man hating member of the LGBT community who suffers from “angry woman syndrome”