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January 18, 2009


I am like any other man in America, a big Eastwood fan. So like many men all across this great country I slipped away from my daily routine and slithered off into the afternoon to a dark and wonderful world of cinima. I like to skip out from time to time to catch a new flick from and old hero of mine and the sudden drop of all resopnsabilities to do so is in part a reward. I enjoy the hookie aspect of film. I wandered into the cinima about thirty minutes before the show time on a warm sunny afternoon tailored perfectly for a park activity or a back yard poop patroll. My Coke 0 slowly melting Ice embrazened me to the tripple butter flavored oil and ton of salt that tickeled my oratory senses. I staked out my claim to the center seat center row center theater and prepared for the wonders to come. As the atractions began to roll like a commercial marathon, I noticed the theater started to fill. Older women, grandma's started filling in the void around me like a screaming hord of teenagers, seductivly seeking their fix of antique carisma and sexual manifestations of a true heartthrob. As the movie rolled I realized that once again Eastwood has pushed a line far beyond bending, as only he can do. I have noticed that Mr. Eastwoods later films have all been somewhat dark, but this one was especially filling as a forboding sense of awe came over me,as if I had seen the greatest at the greatest, in a farewell performance fitting a legend. It was like My hero was saying, "good by freind, thanks for seeing them all." I don't think I have seen a better film than GRAND TORINO, I have seen more, I have seen, faster,harder,shocking, but I haven't seen better. Every frame was shot to perfection, leaving no room to wander from the meaning, no voids to distract. Every shot was perfect in its perspective. I give GRAND TORINO ten out of ten tiger balms, nine out of ten efferdents, seven out of ten hip replacements and a whole box of Depends.I rate it five jazzys, six seniors discounts, and eleven medical alert bracelets. I would place this in the league of ireplaceable inventions like, Dentures, Preperation-h, and the toupee. This film needed no suspenders to hold it up, it was all joking aside, a wonderful afternoon playing hookie.