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On the NASA Mission: TDRS-2; SPARTAN-203 Satellites Space Shuttle: Challenger Launch Accident: Was It Really An Accident ? Remembering the Crew That Died in 1986.

When taking a class at William Paterson College in astronomy in 1997 from professor, Kevin Martus, (a genius professor and physicist), he explained when working for JPL/NASA during the Challenger Space Missio in 1986 theat NASA was well aware the O-Rings would probably crack the day before the actual launch.

Was it true that NASA knew ahead of time that the O rings would crack the day of the launch or was that a mere rumor (?)

Professor Martus set the record straight om the matter.

He stated that NASA knew the day before owing to the cold weather, the O Rings were likely to crack, but the federal united states government set a ‘gag order’ on NASA to go through with the mission anyway for others reasons owing to national American pride.

I don’t think this is something America can be proud of.