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September 06, 2017


While out socializing with friends, marketer Cody Bellington and accountant Ricky Lesch realized they had quite a bit in common, as they found out through chatting that they both gazed lifelessly into computers all day.

“No way man, that’s too funny,” said Bellington, who grabbed another round of Jack and Coke’s for him and his new friend. “I also spend my entire day on e-mail and Slack… what a small world.”

While their professional worlds couldn’t be more different - Bellington works in restaurant advertising, Lesch in finance - the two of them ignored their respective friend groups and swapped stories all night long, with topics ranging from the imminent arthritis in their hands to which Microsoft Office Suite program they hated more.

“Sometimes I will sneak off to the bathroom or aimlessly walk around the building to stop myself from falling into the screen,” Lesch lamented to Bellington, who nodded in agreement. “But sometimes I get to go to meetings, and I remember what interpersonal interaction feels like!”

At press time, the two newfound comrades decided to add each other on LinkedIn.