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January 02, 2012

Does this thing cook in one minute or not B!

So, we switched the schedule....I usually cook a great big breakfast, and my wife makes a big dinner, but because she's under the weather, I'm making dinner tonight. This is fine, I can cook anything, anytime of the day! The Problem is this damn product called "Minute Rice" that cooks in about 15 minutes or more! WTF is that shiiii! That's like me telling a woman I'm the 30 minute man, and bust in about 30 seconds. Or, telling someone I'll be out of the bathroom is One Minute, then I end up coming out 60 minutes later, and wondering why the hallway smells life feces.

Unbelievable! If i were to rate this product, I would give it a F-O-H (F---- Outta Here).

ok, so you're wondering if it tastes good...probably does, don't know, because it says minute rice, and it's been over 20 minutes....I'll let you know about that once I get past the decieving name of this product Jive Turkey's!!