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August 02, 2008


My nephew was using my computer to check his myspace account. Now he is 16 years old, he's in a really good and popular rock band here in town and plays all of the hot spots (I customize alot of his equiptment, cause he aint got no money but he still needs crankenstien quality.) Any way, I say to him; "Nick, I need on, I got to check some of my paypal crap." He blows up with the total testostorone 16 year old rage, fussing and barking like he's been paying my car payment or something. He jumps up and stomps out of the room( I hear him get a soda out of the fridge and then go outside.) I sit down and what do I see? He's logged in on his myspace-worse- his myspace edit profile page. Yea, I did him bad. Hows this for starters- name- I added on to it with ass pirate. In his vast musical taste he left off his most beloved( I fixed it of course) Queen-killer queen, Village people-YMCA, All the young dudes, LOLA, and anything Libarachi. In his movie catalog I added his favorites I know he just forgot how much he loved Broke Back Mountain, Ass deep 1,2,and 3. Forbiden prison, and Man2man. I also mentioned how he loves to braid hair and make flower neclaces. It was up for atleast 4 hours before someone(this person has to be this kids truest friend on earth) alerted him something was up with his myspace account. Now you may think this cruel, oh no, not in my little world, this is just fun. I am still looking over my shoulder because when you are in a matriarcle society such as my family along with many other  simian species, revenge is a deadly but fun sport.