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May 28, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #60
Introducing EGON KJERRMAN 's epionomous release:


12. Fiddling on the roof is one thing; fiddling around with my wife's lady parts is another, you son of a bitch!"

11. You promised me that ABBA would play at the Allsång på Skansen this year! They didn't and now you will die.

10. PeeWee Herman driven by carnal thoughts was unable to steal Egon's porn collection.

9. Damn Mynoch chewing on the power cables again.
-ian Regna

8. Any man who carries a cane and wears socks to match his hat, is alright in my book.

7. Chimney Creep

6. Ebenezer Scrooge thought he had buried this ghost long ago at Pray Away Gay Camp.

5.5Egon writes the songs that make Will Arnett climb senior citizens' roofs.
5. When Rod Roddy tells you to "come on down," you'd better listen. Or else you get the cane.

4.5. come off the roof,lift my shirt and pleasure me as agreed or I want my money back
4. Sucide attemps are delt with severely in Sweeden

3. Shit down my chimney one more time and i swear to god...

2. The Swedish mountaineer Egon kjerrman, has stated in a press-conference that his attempt to climb over the sound-barrier has failed again

1. Classic example of how a bad cover can kill a great album.