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October 26, 2009


Good morning friends…hope everybody had a great weekend (sports or otherwise). This weekend saw the LA Angels season mercifully end. Now I don’t have to watch the World Series, thanks Yankees.

My beloved BC Lions lost to the Rough Riders and are in danger of missing the playoffs. They have two home games remaining and need to win at least one to make the playoffs I think. Why am I talking about the CFL? Because my favorite NFL team, the Oakland Raiders continue to completely suck. I know BC would have given the Jets a better game. 38-0? WTF.

I must say it has been fun watching the Saints play well this year though. Everyone here in Louisiana is more excited about “Da Saints” than the day Hurricane season ends. They are pretty good this year, you have to admit.

I digress; here is my latest foray into the sports world. Today is all about the cardboard tube fighting. This reminds me of when I was kid and we used to build forts out of cardboard boxes and fight with sticks or broom handles. That was until it would rain and kill the fort and my mom would take away the broom sticks. Oh the memories, life was much simpler back then.


Hope you have fun with this one: