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December 04, 2009


Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences. Both trained and self-taught (or outsider) artists have, and continue to create visionary works. Many Visionary artists are actively engaged in spiritual practices, and some have drawn inspiration from psychedelic experiences. Professor at the University is quick to point out the difficulties in describing Visionary art as if it were a discrete genre, since "it is difficult to know where to start and where to stop. Recognized trends have all had their fantastic component, so demarcation is apt to be fuzzy."
Lightbody when you go deep in meditation you take your conscious awareness down through the different levels of your physical lightbody by transcending consciously through the organs, cells, molecules and atoms, until you reach the level where the fine particles which make up the atoms are constantly changing state from a wave to a particle - from energy to matter - and back again. Lightbody at this level your physical body is in constant communication with your lightbody as information is exchanged through vibration, which produces the various colours of light that can be seen in your aura, as your mood or emotions constantly change. Lightbody as you refine your consciousness further you can take your conscious awareness down through this contact zone between the physical and non-physical and enter the light itself with your awareness. Lightbody once we become conscious of our lightbody, our thoughts, feeling and emotions start to travel at light speed, as we use visualization to picture our dreams and aspirations within the light of the third eye, and beyond into being conscious of our whole lightbody.
DNA Activation the genes encoded on the form of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) contain the hereditary information, a gene is located on a specific position on the chromosome in a nucleus's cell. RNA (Ribonucleic acid) is used for the transcription of genetic information. The genes contained in the body has all the information of human since it was first incarnated on this planet. DNA Activation mean a lot of civilization cycles. According to Datre when the soul decide to incarnate, the soul choose parent with the genes pool that has the qualities, it wish to express in a particular life. If the soul wish to incarnate has a brilliant musician it will look for that and make it dominant in the physical personality. Usually, the personality will choose to incarnate with some flaws. DNA Activation will be used to set the pattern of challenge to be overcome during the lifetime. Someone with great intelligence in one lifetime may choose to incarnate with poor intelligence for its own learning in the next lifetime, but the great intelligence are still in the genes they are simply not dominant. DNA Activation now you should know that you have a lot of latent abilities that you don't use. If you use proper meditation you can explore your probable selves and see what are these latent abilities that you have, it will certainly enrich experience has human being. DNA Activation is an evolutionary process to activate the dormant strands of the DNA Activation. Once the DNA is activated the human being can work with more life force or Chi-energy and therefore has a bigger potential for anything psychic and creativity.

Healing music might be thinking as to how music can be used effectively for stress management. There are few basic principles that you should understand so as to tailor your favorite music for the purpose of stress management. You should use your favorite category of music and in case you don't like Mozart or classical music then don't use it. Good and quality healing music can be found in most genre of music. You should choose music that has pleasant associations for you or music that brings you cheerful memories. If you want to try new healing music, then go for instrumental music tends that are more stress relieving than the music having lyrics because this doesn't requires you to think. You should choose music that is slow and has regular pulse or beat. This is because researchers discovered that music with the tempo of healthy resting heartbeat will synchronize your own breathing and heart beat to it thereby slowing down your racing body rhythms. Racing thoughts can often lead to anxious and stressed out feelings and for this you should use rhythms of slow music so as to slow down your body and thoughts.