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December 13, 2010

Peta members need not pay attention.

My Pothead Dog

People say a dog is a mans best friend. It's true, My dog is my best friend. You know how i know? My dog is my best friend because she is the only creature on the entire planet that i have seen eat its own shit, and i still allow to lick my face. You wanna tell me thats not love, thats love. 

Also i pick up her shit. Which is something i would never do for any of my other friends. But i had kind of a weird thought. Every time i walk her I have to pick it up. And when she goes in the yard I eventually have to pick it up….. I've picked up just about every piece of shit she's ever dropped. That is an incredible amount of power for an animal to have over a human. That she can't bend a biscuit anywhere without looking at me like, "whenever you get a chance."

    But me and my dog spend a lot of time together. Anyone like me. Anyone ever get their dog stoned?

Yeah, people try to tell me thats cruel. She likes it. But they say, "you shouldn't get your dog stoned. how do you know she likes it?"

Probably because when I'm smoking pot she comes and begs same way as when I'm eating a steak. Listen my dog sleeps 18 hours a day, chases her own tail and eats anything i put in front of her. My dog is a pothead wether I give her weed or not. That's basic science. 

Shouldn't get your dog stoned? Don't want the dog throwing away its future? Big exam tomorrow down at the obedience school? ...I'm the one who has to work tomorrow. Shit, i have a dog to take care of. I shouldn't be getting stoned! You're worried about a dog? 

Which tells me a lot about the friends i have. I'm doing drugs, they're worried my dog might not reach her potential.