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December 21, 2016

We've made writing the perfect Christmas party apology letter easy.

If you’ve already ruined someone’s Christmas party or know you probably will very soon, we’ve made writing the perfect apology letter easy. Just fill in the template below:

Dear _______,

I want to express my sincere apologies for my behavior at your holiday party on December ___. I never should have had that much to drink, especially in front of my ________ or with _______ in the room. The holiday season is a time for celebrating, not _____ing in public, which I regret doing ____ times.

I said some embarrassing and offensive things that I definitely did not mean. I have not always _____ed _______, nor do I currently feel that way about them. If I did, the party certainly wasn’t the time to bring it up, especially in front of their ______.

On top of that, I do not think anyone or their mother is actually a ______ing ______, nor do I think they deserve a stocking full of ______. And if _____ were a reindeer, it would definitely not be _____ the _____-_____ed Reindeer. Additionally, “decking the halls” is not a euphemism for ______ someone’s ______, despite my very loud insistence that it is.

I can’t believe I actually ______ed Santa. That showed serious lack of judgement. I will, of course, pay for a new _______ for Santa to replace the one I ________.

I also accept full responsibility for the _______ in the holiday ______. That was me, and, despite what I may have said, it is in no way a traditional holiday recipe in the ________ culture.

Finally, I had no right to take the mistletoe and _______ it to the ________ that I then _________ over ________’s ________. I understand if ________ never speaks to me again.

I fully recognize that everyone else seems to be able to enjoy a holiday party without ______ing or ______ing, not to mention the ________ing incident. I also acknowledge this is the ______ year I have done this. I promise it will never happen again. Seriously, 20__ is the year when I really mean it.