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August 27, 2009


At the risk of the wrath of the Gold Leader Five Gestapo, I have made an observation which I think could be classified as a "Duh" moment in terms of the logic of Star Wars. Okay, it's fiction, so it doesn't have to ring perfectly true, but here's the beef I have with it. You know how it was made fairly clear by the movie that Anakin had been consumed by the Dark Side when he finished murdering the younglings at the Jedi temple? There's an assertion made that Obi Won, Yoda and Anakin's offspring are now the only Jedi left in the galaxy. My question is this, since the Jedi live like monks and don't take wives or have children, there is absolutely no genetic pre-requisite required to be born a Jedi, so why does it matter? According to the movie, if we believe sly and slutty Shmi Sykwalker, Anakin's conception was of immaculate nature and she was a slave lady, not a Jedi. So, like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, most Jedi would be considered "mudbloods" as they certainly didn't come from any line of Jedi. So, wouldn't it have beena bit more practical on Yoda and Obi Won's part to, rather than spend time meditating in exile say use the force and go try to recruit and train more young Jedi? I mean, they knew Luke was a Jedi and yet didn't even start training him until he was "too old" as Yoda put it. Since they are so close to the Force and have all this prophecy on their side, why wouldn't they raise Luke themselves in exile?? Now, I didn't read the books so I might get slapped down for writing this and have to sleep with one eye open to avoid a surprise Sith home invasion...but COME ON! Doesn't anyone else think it's weird that they just leave it as though Luke is the last one when actually, there could/should be many more to follow?